Increase your Instagram Following

Increase your Instagram Following

There is a lot of information out there on how to do this but there is no magic formula, unless you're a celeb - alot of it comes down to hard work.  What I can do is give you a couple of tips which have helped me grow my following on my main account.

  • Giveaways & Collabs

These work but are also hit & miss.  You will inevitably get followers but you will also lose a portion of them once the giveaway ends.  These people never had any intention of buying your product anyway, they're only there for the giveway and they will not engage with you in any way shape or form.

  • Follow Loops

These are generally like a chain DM and you follow as many as 7 people, forward to 7 other poeple and by replacing your name with someone on the list.  I personally don't particiapte in these, yes you get followers but what value are they to you if they don't engage.

  • Growing Organically

Growing your following organically is the best way.  These will become your people, and they will engage and buy from you so it is well worth putting your time and effort into.  The best way to do this, is by COMMENTING on posts of businesses you are following.  Engage in there content, share and be inspired by what and how they post.  Make thoughtful comments, not just emojis, relevant to what they have posted.  The algorithm will think you have a relationship with that account and will show your content to them & vice versa. Start by following like minded businesses and commit to engaging with at least 5 a day, or a number that you are comfortable with and can easily maintain.  I usually try to comment on posts that have a call to action, meaning there posts start or end with a question.  If I don't have any in my timeline, I will simply start with what appeals to my eye, then initate conversation.

Why is COMMENTING so important? I read somewhere that only 10% of your actual followers will see your content, and if you get good engagement, more people will see it.  It does not matter how many hashtags you have, it will still only get seen by that inital 10% until you get your engagement numbers up.  Liking a post is not enough because COMMENTING will get you noticed by their followers who will inevitably click on you profile and if they do that, the chances are you will gain another follower.

Content is important however it has to be balanced, it cannot all be about sell, sell, sell.  Potential customers want to see what kind of person you are so you have to be present on your social media.  Get comfortable with being front & centre of your brand, photos & videos of yourself doing everyday stuff.  You don't have to post everyday, but be consistent on how often you post.  Too long in between and you undo all the hardwork, too much and people will start skipping over your content.  As an example I have spent the last couple of days posting my OOTD (outift of the day), it fits the content of when I sell, but its an opportunity for me to talk about what I'm doing that day or whatevers on my mind.  It gives my followers an opportunity to get to know me.

Finally, I try to follow any business that follows me, sometimes they get lost in my notifications but if I see it, then I will follow back.  Its polite and at the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether they are in the same line of business as you, you may well become one of their customers.

Posted: Monday 15 June 2020

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