Instagram Stories vs Posts

Instagram Stories vs Posts

I did a poll on my account, and the answer was 50/50 split.

There is so much research out there about what and how you should market your Instagram and I have tried some of the methods but I think the use of each comes down to personal preference.  But does one work better over the other?  Million dollar question.

I use both, but at this time I have better engagement on my posts.  They tell you to look at your insights, analyse your posts, your stories, your audience, your activity, your audience activity etc.  Its exhausting especially when all you want to do is sell something.

The only clear piece of advise I can give you is whichever method your choose to communicate to your audience, storeis only last 24 hours and IF you are trying to sell or promote something, make sure you do a grid post teaser to your audience to check out your latest story or vice versa. Why?  Because as your folowing grows, you will not be able to keep up with the sheer amount of stories and you will only check stories of followers you have built a relationship with.

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Posted: Wednesday 10 June 2020

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